Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Retro and 2010

Clothing styles are always changing. They change from week to week, month to month, and have nearly completely changed every decade. What is with some of the fashion trends of the past… and where are we headed?

Does everyone remember bell-bottoms? One of the biggest fashion trends of the 70’s were bell-bottoms pants. Tight at the top, big pretty flare at the bottom. I guess they were not so bad. Riding a bike in bell-bottoms was always a problem when the flare would get caught in the chain and send the girls flying over the handle bars. Although they have been out of style for 10 years, they are slowly revamping themselves to become trendy. the flare is just.. not as large as it was 35 years ago. They can still be found on certain legitimate online business websites.

How did we go from bell-bottoms in the 70’s, to tight skinny jeans in the 80’s? It seems here in 2010 the skinny jeans are coming back strong. Even men are wearing skinny jeans.The fashion trends that do re vamp themselves will never be exactly the same. We will always add our generations touch to the trend. The skinny jeans today have holes torn in them intentionally. What an amazing home based business idea that was. Who ever would have thought that buying perfectly good jeans, tearing holes in them, and selling them for more money would be such a great home business idea!

Remember the flower power of the 70’s? And the random neon colors of the 80’s? and the dull pastels of the 90’s? It seems to be all about black these days. They say black is a “slimming” color, so perhaps that’s why its so popular these days.

How is it that less is more? The less material it takes to create the article of clothing, the more they sell it for. Same goes for large name brand stores in the mall. Just because its sold at a specific store, its worth more money. Luckily here in 2010, we have the internet, and it is easy for us to not only earn money online, but we can buy the same name brand clothes from the best online based business on the web for a fraction of the cost.

Now its 2010, one of the coldest months, February, too… and mittens have not been sold for years. How could those mittens with the strings ever go out of style? Not only did they keep your hands warm, but they had an amazing little string you could attach and detach to something so you wouldn’t lose them. Someone needs to come up with an online home business as a way to make money at home and simply attach strings to mittens. Hey, it’s a good home business idea.

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